Larkspur, Corte Madera, Kentfield Chiropractic Services

Here are only a few of the many chiropractic services that Back To Health can offer you if you are suffering from pain and live in the Larkspur area.
Please do not hesitate to call Dr. Rose or visit our chiropractic practice if you require help or have any other questions.

Dr. Rose offers many alternatives to pain management without drugs or surgery.

Back Pain

Chronic or intermittent back pain can be draining and make your life miserable. Dr. Rose can help relieve your pain whether it is caused by a misalignment of the spine or is a result of an injury. From low back pain to radiating pain along your entire spine, we will find a treatment that works for you.

Whiplash and Neck Pain

Whiplash often occurs as a result of a car accident, it is important to get treatment as soon as possible after the accident to optimize response and minimize healing time. Many people dismiss the pain following a car accident thinking that the soreness will go away on its own. This can lead to chronic pain. Dr. Rose will be able to determine whether treatment for whiplash is needed. He has 25 years of experience treating whiplash and all auto and personal injuries.

Sports Injuries

There are a wide variety of sport injuries – from sprains, to strains, to ligament issues. Dr. Rose can help assess your injury to determine whether chiropractic treatment can help and also refer for other diagnostics and treatment as appropriate.

Headaches and Migraines

Occasional headaches are common and most people can manage headaches with over the counter treatments.. If, however, you find yourself suffering from headaches or migraines frequently, you may have a more serious, underlying condition that can be evaluated and treated. Conditions such as whiplash and misaligned spines can often cause chronic or frequent headaches and migraines, so getting a professional opinion is strongly recommended.

Arthritic Pain

If you are living with chronic arthritic pain, you may have been told that your only option for relief is to manage your pain by taking pain killers. You may be surprised to learn that Dr. Rose can frequently employ chiropractic treatment to obtain relief from arthritic pain without medication.